Panama Holiday
The tropical paradise of the Caribbean and Pacific. Panama the country with the most beautiful trips and journeys. Panama City is a beautiful bustling modern city with many possibilities for exit, and the old part of Casco Viejo is a must to see. San Blas north of Panama City or the northwest group of islands of Bocas del Toro and on the south Pacific coast Coronado and Chiriqui are beautiful areas to visit. Rent a car and boat and even the hotels you can choose for each place. Beautiful sailing or sailing trips on a catamaran in Bocas Del Toro or San Blas are also one of the possibilities.

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Vacation in Panama


Tropical Panama

Holidays in Panama, vacation trips and travel information, this means to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Thanks to our good local contacts, we can travel without problems and quickly obtain all the information we need. In Panama City you can admire the skyline, enjoy delicious food in one of the many restaurants or go out until the early hours. The rainforest of Gamboa is an hour's drive away. Whether you are looking for a relaxed escape, a family holiday full of fun or an outing with friends.

Panama's Top Destination

The best of Panama
All Sights
  • Bio Museum Amador
  • Marine Exhibition Center of Punta Culebra
  • Renting bicycles

  • Ancon
  • Museum of Art Contemporáneo
  • Ancon hill

  • Casco Viejo (old City)
  • Inter Oceanic Kanal Museum
  • Plaza de France
  • Church of San Jose
  • Museum of Religious Art Colonial
  • Panamá City Sightseeing; Hop-on Hop-off Tour
  • Sea Fish Market
Learn more about Panama City at:

    Further in the country!
  • Discover the rainforest, islands, nature and culture of Panama.
  • Panama Canal including the enlargement of the Atlantic.
  • Pacific beaches near Panama City, Playa Bonita, Playa Gorgona, Coronado Beach, San Carlos, El Palmar Rio Mar
  • Santa Clara (less than 1:30 hour from Panama City).
  • Resorts and hotels on the white sand beach
  • Farallon, Playa Blanca and Buenaventura
  • Near the Scarlett Martinez airport. International Airport (2:30 am from the city).
  • Beautiful islands that you should not miss: Taboga Island, Bocas del Toro
  • San Blas Archipelago.
  • Archipelago (Guna Yala)
  • Isla Grande
  • El Valle de Anton, a valley with volcano
  • Highlands of Chiriqui, Boquete Vulcan de Baru.
  • Colon and Portobello, Atlantico
  • Central Provinces, Chitre, Los Santos
  • Las Tablas and the beautiful beaches.
  • Penonome and the mountains as Cerro LaVieja.

palm15.jpg Panama City

Panama City is not inferior to world cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Miami. And not only thanks to the Panama Canal, one of the 7 modern wonders of the world! Panama City is an experience: historic and hyper modern. A tropical metropolis with the ocean and jungle at its feet.
This way you can visit historic places in the old colonial "la Vieja" and "Casco Viejo" or go shopping in one of the big shopping centers in the city ( Mall). One neighborhood is slightly different from the other and that gives a good idea of what Panama City is. The rainforest of Gamboa is an hour's drive away. Enjoy beautiful flora and fauna here.
Whether you are looking for a relaxing escape, a family holiday full of fun or an outing with friends.
Find a route or a multi-day route with an overnight stay, and enjoy yourself in advance of this very beautiful country.

Take a day trip or tour with a rental car!

We have set out different trips from 1 day to 10 days so that you can easily choose. We have selected several hotels, with a link.
Holidays in Panama! The most common route is from Panama City to Boquete. This is approximately 480 km, with nice stops in Coronado, El Valle de Anton (45 km from Coronado), Santiago and David. About 180 km away are the beautiful islands of Bocas del Toro. In Almirante you have to park the car and go by boat to the other side. The roads in Panama are generally in good condition. A normal rental car is sufficient, but if you go into the mountains then a larger car is recommended. We also have a good address to rent a car!

palm15.jpg Day trips.

Daytrips table

The number of kilometers is calculated from the Centro Médico Paitilla.
  • Panama City // Gamboa; 32 km, 0,47h. through Av Omar Torrijos Herrera, (without toll).
  • Panama City // Gatun Landing locks (Colon) 74,5 km, 1h. (with toll).
  • Panama City // Isla de Taboga, via het schier eilandje Ciclovia de Amador, 12 km, from there by boat to Isla de Taboga.
  • Panama City // Portobelo; 97 km, 1:40h.
  • Panama City // Coronado; 85,3 km, 1:30h.
  • Panama City // Pedasi; 330 km, 4:30h.
  • Panama City // Bocas del Toro! distance 614 km, 10:20h.
  • Pedasi // Bouquet 375 km, 5:45h.
  • Boquete // Panama city 482 km, 6:50h.
  • El Porvenir // Mamartupo 16,4 km.
  • Santa Fe Veraguas (West Panama) // Panama City 305 km, 4:25h
  • Santa Fe (East Panama) // Panama City 215 km, 3:30h

Holidays in Panama! then a visit to the Panama channel cannot be missed

At 12 km outside the city center the old and new lice. The easiest and best way to visit the channel is through the Miraflores Visitors Center. This recently opened visitor center has a large interactive museum where you can view platforms. There is an excellent restaurant with delicious buffets and a panoramic view of the canal. Tip: The best time to see large liners in transit is from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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palm15 The new Panama channel is open!

The expansion of the Panama Canal has been completed. Parts of the new lock complex have been flooded and the lock gates have been extensively tested. The renovation of one of the largest canals in the world took more than seven years. The biggest job was the construction of two new lock complexes, 1 at the Atlantic canal entrance, at the city of Colon, and 1 at Panama City, at the Pacific Ocean side. In three stages, the mega ships are "lifted" by nearly 26 meters. The extension was officially opened on 26 June 2016, a year and a half later than planned.
Lock1A Lock1ALock2A Lock2A

palm15 The old part of the city Casco Viejo

In this neighborhood you will become acquainted with the rich colonial past of Panama City.
The historic district full of beautiful buildings, old churches, narrow streets and picturesque squares has been on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1997.
The restoration of the neighborhood is not yet ready, but Casco Viejo is already the trendiest place in Panama City, full of cozy restaurants, bars, art galleries, salsa and rumba.
CViejo CViejo CViejo1 CViejo1 CViejo2 CViejo2 CViejo25
CViejo4 CViejo4 CViejo7 CViejo7 CViejo6 CViejo6

palm15 The old part of the city La Vieja:

Panama Vieja a historic district of Panama City is the remaining part of the old Panama City. It is located in the suburbs of the modern city. Around 1997 the area was registered on the World Heritage List. The city was founded on August 15, 1519 by Pedro Arias Dá vila. With around 100 inhabitants, it was the first settlement on the Pacific Ocean at that time. Around 1610 the city reached a population of 5,000, with 500 homes and a number of monasteries and chapels, a hospital and a cathedral. Around 1670 the city had 10,000 inhabitants.

Lav01 Lav01
Lav02 Lav02Lav05 Lav05Lav03 Lav03Lav04 Lav04

Some Hotels in Panama City:

palm15 Isla de Taboga

Nestled in the warm tropical waters of the Bay of Panama and within an hour's drive of bustling Panama City is a small island with a rich and colorful history and a modest town. Are you in Panama and do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Panama City for a day or more? Then go to Isla Taboga where there are no cars and no crowds. It is an island full of flowers and plants and humble people. A peaceful place, a very special paradise. The trip to Isla Taboga is safe, simple, comfortable and pleasant. Two ferry services carry passengers to and from the island 7 days a week.

Taboga.jpgTaboga Taboga1.jpgTaboga1
Are you looking for a restaurant when you get off the boat on the way back? Then you have to be at Mi Ranchito on the Amador (Isla Naos). Restaurant Mi Ranchito is the perfect place overlooking the beautiful Panama City skyline. This is a family restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that offers a varied menu. Specialty are seafood at affordable prices.

mi-ranchito.jpg mi-ranchitoPan2.jpg Pan2

The Gamboa rainforest

This rainforest is located between the Panama Canal and the Rio Chagres about 35 km from the center of Panama City. In the middle of this rainforest you have a beautiful view over the river. You have a first introduction to Panama's special flora and fauna. The Gamboa Rainforest is located in the Soberan í There is no shortage of animals here either: crocodiles, sloths and turtles live in the rainforest. Monkey Island is located in the Panama Canal, just down the road. As the name suggests, countless monkey species live here.
Chagres Nature Park, Ember á Indians.
One of the Indian peoples, the Ember á live in the Chagres jungle area. During a visit to the Embera Indians you get to know this colorful people extensively. Most villages are really deep in the jungle and can be reached by wooden canoe. The Embera Indians are also your guide and lead you through the beautiful nature, which consists of steep mountains, lakes and tropical forests and waterfalls. The Emberas cling to their identity as much as possible, the men traditionally wear loins and the women wear a skirt. They are also known for the paintings of their body and the good quality of their handicrafts.

palm15 Playa Coronado palm15.jpg

Coronado Bay, Tropical ParadiseRent a beautiful apartment!
Coronado Beach is just a 60-minute drive from Panama City. This is one of the most beautiful and safe and most exclusive beaches in the Panamanian Pacific, with all the benefits of a seaside resort. The beach is located on the volcanic area and therefore a black and white sandy beach. Coronado Bay is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of the sea and spectacular sunset and rise !. Away from the crowds and the city, but with all the comfort you deserve. The fully furnished apartment has two bedrooms, each with a queen-size bed and a sofa bed. Both rooms have a sea view and there are two complete bathrooms. Coronado Bay has a private beach and all the comfort and amenities you expect to find in a five star resort. There is a swimming pool, towel and beach chair service and 24-hour security. There are also good restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, shops and hardware stores in the area. You can go horse riding or visit the falls. There are 30 waterfalls near Coronado, in Chame, but the best known are: Los Saltos de Filipina, Sora de Chame, Chorro de Las Lajas en Los Cajones
Tropical Paradise Coronado Bay recommended!

CoronadoBay1 CoronadoBay1
TropicalParadise2 CoronadoBay6 CoronadoBay2 CoronadoBay2 TropicalParadise5 TropicalParadise CoronadoBay9 CoronadoBay9 CoronadoBay10 CoronadoBay10 CoronadoBay4 CoronadoBay4
CoronadoBay7 CoronadoBay7.jpg CoronadoBay3A CoronadoBay3A.jpg

A video of Panama with the surroundings of Coronado beach from 2 min:

palm15.jpg Coronado Golf

Do you like to play golf? Then this is the place to be!
This hotel is located in Coronado Beach, on the Pacific Ocean. The hotel has comfortable rooms with a panoramic view of the golf course surrounded by greenery. Perfect for golf enthusiasts. The Coronado area offers various options for recreation and relaxation, and is certainly a luxury for those looking for beach and tranquility. You will feel at home here.
Golf6 Golf6.jpg
Golf4 Golf4.jpgCoronado/Golf5.jpg Coronado/Golf5.jpgGolf2 Golf2.jpgGolf3 Golf3.jpgGolf1 Golf1.jpg

palm15 North East Panama palm15

palm15 Portobelo

At 96 km. Portobelo was an important port of New Spain in the 18th century. Puerto Bello was one of the ports served by the fleet that transported the valuables from the Spanish colonies in America to the Spanish homeland. Along which gold, silver and emeralds from the sub-kingdom of Peru and Alto Per ú (nowadays Bolivia) was transported to Spain. This route went via Panama City, Puerto Bello and Havana to C á diz in Spain.

PortoB1.jpg PortoB1 PortoB2 PortoB2 PortoB3 PortoB3 PortoB4 PortoB4 PortoB5 PortoB5 PortoB6 PortoB6

palm15 Multi-day trips to central and southern Panama palm15

palm15 Isla Grande

At 120 km. The islanders lived from fishing and the trade in coconuts with Colombia. The people formed a society with a simple life at a slow pace, but it seemed to work perfectly. Now in this time there are several restaurants and terraces and of course a number of Hotels. "A must". If you visit this island you will arrive in a paradise landscape with a turquoise sea. Pleasant temperature. There are different ways to achieve it. The fastest way is the boat taxi. You can walk there (about two hours, low-medium difficulty) through the woods and along the beach. The beach is very big and cute. Very fine sand. There are many trees, so you can always find shady places. Beware of strong sea currents (no lifeguards). On the way, restaurants and terraces make you thirsty.
For more information about the hotels:

IslaGrande2 IslaGrande2 IslaGrande3 IslaGrande3 IslaGrande4 IslaGrande4 IslaGrande5 IslaGrande5

palm15.jpg Guna Yala (San Blas) Islands palm15.jpg

palm15.jpg El Porvenir

There are different ways to go to El Porvenir (Guna Yala). Take a charter flight from the national airport in Albrook (Panama City) and land on the island of El Porvenir, the flight takes 25 minutes. Or go with a sailboat or yacht. If you go by road, we recommend that you use a 4 x 4 jeep. From Panama City to Puerto Carti you are on the road for 2 hours.
There are many tour operators in Panama City who want to take you to the islands in a 4x4 jeep, boat or water taxi. We recommend an organized tour unless you are adventurous. You can go for a day, but to sail there it is better to stay another night.
Tourists can choose between an overnight stay in a hotel or hostel, ecologically built by the locals. The restaurants offer traditional dishes, especially seafood.
Guna Yala archipelago is located in the northeast of Panama. It consists of approximately 378 islands with views of the Caribbean Sea in an area of ??many square kilometers. Most of the islands are not suitable for living, only on the larger islands you will find the indigenous population, the Guna's. Isla El Porvenir offers one of the most important ports in the Guna Yala and is often referred to as the capital of the Autonomous Region of Guna Yala. The island has a number of facilities such as a hotel, and the airport with direct flights to Panama City. The largest islands are: Guanidup Island, Chichimei Island, Yandup Island, Narasgandup Island and Isla Achudup
The tourism industry is not that big in Guna Yala. There is no unnecessary luxury, because people want to keep the islands in their original state. So there are not many luxury five star hotels. but in the existing hotels you can find all the luxury of the modern world. Cabanas, houses are simple, but offer fashion beds, bath or shower and toilet. And yes, this is a luxury on the Guna Yala Islands. Guna serve traditional fish dishes three times a day. If you are looking for true luxury then you can go to Coral Eco Lodge, Guna Yala. This hotel is on the coast of the province of Colón. Here are villas built from a long pier extended in the clear blue water. This hotel is not cheap, but you will experience this as the luxury of home.

A video about San Blas:

palm15.jpg Central and South Panama palm15.jpg

palm15.jpg El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton at a136 kmis a volcano valley that is covered with tropical forests. The golden toad lives in this nature reserve, which is already extinct in many places in Panama and Costa Rica. El Valle is a picturesque town located in the ancient crater of a erupted volcano. You can go hiking in El Valle. For example, you can look for birds such as the Trogon and the Quetzal. A visit to Serpentario Maravillas, a zoo with different types of turtles, salamanders / crocodiles, snakes, etc. El Nispero Zoo, with panthers, parrots, and many other animals. Also exciting is a trip through the treetops of the jungle. The fertile soil has made it a woody area.
It is the perfect place for hiking, horse riding and enjoying nature.

Action in the cloud forest
In the cloud forest of El Valle you take nature walks. The Cerro de la India can be seen from the city of El Valle. You can take a beautiful nature walk to the top and then have a beautiful view of the entire valley.
For an overnight stay or special features, restaurants, hotels, etc.:

Canopy Tour Anton Valley
Another way to explore nature is the Canopy Tour. This is a journey through the treetops of the jungle. You are safely secured and you float and climb through the highest layer of the jungle, from platform to platform. An exciting tour that ends at the thermal baths of El Macho.

palm15.jpg Playa Blanca

Coronado is the center, but there are many beautiful developments along Playa Blanca, these are 90 minutes from Panama City and 30 minutes from Coronado. More and more all-inclusive hotels are coming to the Playa Blanca that use the white sandy beaches, including the Playa Blanca Resort. This is 150 kilometers from Panama City. This is the Pacific coast so no beautiful azure blue sea but a long white beach. There are many types of popular restaurants with good food and a wide selection of beer. Live music, play areas for children and even jet skis: you will not get bored here.
An amusement park, zoo, golf for enthusiasts, hotels and restaurants and a yacht harbor.

Holiday in Panama!

palm15.jpg Playa Pedasi

This is the place to be if you are looking for fun, relaxation and adventure. You can make a fishing trip here, a day trip to Isla Iguana, whale watching, horse riding and surfing. All kinds of water sport activities can be done here. There is much to see at the bottom of the sea at the Azuero peninsula, where it is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.
From Pedasi you can reach the international airport of Tocumen in 4.5 hours by car.

Pedasi PedasiPedasi3 Pedasi3Pedasi6 PedasiPedasi7 Pedasi7Pedasi12 Pedasi12
Pedasi2 Pedasi2Pedasi11 Pedasi11Pedasi5 Pedasi5

Isla Iguana day trip
You can travel by boat from Pedasi in 25 minutes or around 20 minutes from Playa Arenal to the Isla Iguana nature reserve. On the spot we managed to find a skipper who will take you away, stayed there waiting and brought us back after 4 hours for $ 55 (a bit negotiated). Entrance island is still $ 10 pp. Beautiful white sandy beach, coral for snorkeling, birds and a lot of iguanas who love bananas. We had a great time. Take your own food and plenty of drinks with you because there is nothing else, also bring your own waste back! We went on a Monday, so there were almost no other people, beautiful beautiful island. More information about Pedasi:

palm15.jpg Playa Venao

Various resorts have a lot to offer in this bay, such as horse riding and surfing (surf lessons), sea turtle spotting, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, zip-lining over waterfalls, and much more. The Playita Resort just outside the bay of Playa Venao is a "Rustic Wildlife Retreat Resort"
This place is unique with a piece of art, love of nature, wildlife and architecture. It is historically international with a modern twist. There is no pool but an ocean. A great beach and affordable food. They serve meals, not high end, but ... Lester the owner is great! Ask for a room with a sea view if possible. There are many animals including monkeys, deer, an emu, parrots, iguana and many birds. This is a highly recommended place! There is a lot of surfing in the bay of Playa Venao and there is a surf school, you can also go horse riding in the area.
Playa Venao
Playita resort

palm15.jpg El Sitio de Playa Venao

Located right on the Pacific coast of Panama, this non-smoking property has a rustic design with a modern style. El Sitio de Playa Venao has free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and its own surf shop. Located on the beachfront, El Sitio de Playa Venao offers air-conditioned rooms in a unique style, with a large wardrobe, safe and cable TV. Each room has its own bathroom with a toilet and a shower with hot water. The suites also have a large private balcony with a seating area, a hammock and a sea view. The hotel's restaurants serve international fusion cuisine, and several other restaurants are within a 5-minute walk. The bar overlooks the ocean and offers international cocktails and parties on Saturdays with DJ performances. There is also a minibar in the room where you can store snacks. The hotel also has a small supermarket, laundry facilities, a children's playground and a gym. The staff will help you arrange various activities such as surfing lessons, sea turtle spotting, snorkeling, fishing, horse riding, kayaking, zip-lining over waterfalls, and much more.

palm15.jpg Playa Venao Hotel Resort

You already have experience with surfing? Now you want more! Time to take the next step and use our Intermediate Surf Camp program! There are so many things to learn when you surf at a new location.
Choose the right board that fits your body and the surfing style that suits you and that helps you reach your goal.

palm15.jpg North West Panama palm15.jpg

palm15.jpg Boquete

Boquete 509 km from Panama city.
Boquete is a beautiful mountain town with a wonderfully cool climate and unspoilt nature. Flowers, vegetables and citrus fruits grow abundantly here and the locals are very friendly. You can visit coffee plantations in the area
De Napa Valley "koffie" But also undertake all kinds of sporting activities such as hiking, climbing and rafting. Boquete is also a good base for the Sendero de los Quetzales. During this famous 8 km long walking tour you will look for special bird species such as the colorful Quetzal or you walk from Cerro Punta to Boquete. You can transport you to Cerro Punta and then walk back to Boquete. There is also a market where Indians can sell merchandise, the market is daily large but extra large on Sundays. Of course you can't start the day better than with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a cup of locally grown coffee.

Read more on:

Bo2.jpg Bo2
Bo12.jpg Bo12Bo.jpg BoBo1.jpg Bo1.jpgBo3.jpg Bo3Bo4.jpg Bo4.jpg
Bo6.jpg Bo6Bo7.jpg Bo7Bo8.jpg Bo8.jpgBo9.jpg Bo9Boquete centerBo13.jpg Bo13.jpgBoquete Bo11.jpg Bo113km voor Boquete

palm15 Boutique Hotel Finca Lérida

Coffee ... the reputation of Finca Lerida is as old as the first coffee that Panama exported to Germany in 1929. The high quality coffee produced in this exceptional plantation made his international buyers realize that there was more than Panama who had just finished her Channel . Finca Lerida, nestled along the vibrant skirts of the Baru volcano and the high ridges of the Central Range. Located 10 km uphill from Boquete, half grassland half tropical forest.
For more information:

palm15 Holiday in Panama is! Isla Bocas del Toro palm15

Isla Bocas del Toro

From Panama City to Almirante it is about 585 km. If you want, you can also come here by plane, via Bocas del Toro Isla Colon International Airport. From Bouquette it is quite a tiring trip, about 180 km two lane through the jungle or jungle with many hairpin bends and steep roads with oncoming traffic that you sometimes have to wait for to pass. You can still see several villages where the Indianan live. A very beautiful mountain road to enjoy with its many views and a dam, but pay attention! From Almirante you can (must) take the Ferry (Ferry Palanga, cars are not allowed) to Bocas del Toro or Isla Carenero. Bocas del Toro is the capital of the Panamanian province of the same name. Bocas del Toro is an island group located on the Caribbean side of Panama. It is the most touristy part of Panama but due to the small-scale development on the islands there is still an authentic and cozy atmosphere. Isla Colon and the beach Playa Estrella with beautiful rock with many birds Isla Pájaros, If you're lucky you can see dolphins swim by from your hotel room. Barracudas and stingrays also swim in these waters. Rare fish, sea turtles, dolphin spotting in Bocas del Toro! and large coral reefs. Take a wonderful boat trip to Zapatilla island for a nice swim on a small island and then in one restaurant Bocas6.jpgRest. Jasmineating a lobster in the lagoon is also possible.

Bocas1.jpg Bocas1.jpgBocas2.jpg Bocas2.jpgBocas3.jpg Bocas3Bocas5.jpg Bocas5.jpgBocas4.jpg Bocas4.jpgBocas6.jpg Bocas6.jpg
Bocas8.jpg Bocas8.jpgBocas9.jpg Bocas9.jpgBocas10.jpg Bocas10.jpgBocas12.jpg Bocas12.jpgBocas11.jpg Bocas11.jpg Bocas7.jpg Bocas7.jpg
Bocas13.jpg Bocas13.jpgDolfijn.jpg Dolfijn.jpg Dolfijn4.jpg Dolfijn4Dolfijn2.jpg Dolfijn2
Panamese flight schedules
click for flight information

palm15 Isla Carenero and (Bocas del Toro)

The most beautiful tropical islands of Panama
Carenero Island is one of the outer islands closest to Bocas Town, just a few minutes by boat. It is easy to reach, and also quite small. You can walk around the entire island in about an hour. For those who are not interested in a sleepier but more natural island, Carenero Island is a good choice. Most hotels are on the beach or over-the-water. The best fish restaurants are at "Bocas del Toro". Read more at:

palm15 South West Panama palm15.jpg

palm15.jpg Boca Chica, Chiriqui

Chiriqui National Marine Park is about 427 km from Panama City. This park near the southern border with Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean is a great new destination. The coast and islands are known as Boca Chica. The province, known for Montagnoso Chiriqui, is now also a beach destination and has world-class islands. These picturesque islands have white beaches with waving palm trees. Boca Chica offers an unspoiled view of the blue waters of the ocean and there is lush vegetation. You can fish, dive and snorkel here. There are various accommodations, from an eco-boutique hotel to well-finished hotels.
Panama has few rivals in the quantity and quality of tourist attractions: fifteen hundred islands in both the Caribbean and the Pacific. The most naturally accessible rainforests, spectacularly beautiful mountains and highlands, historical sights, seven living indigenous cultures and a cosmopolitan capital with a non-stop nightlife.

Car and boat rental

A vending machine is perfect in Panama and a good rental car with which you can explore the country on your own. It is necessary to bring a credit card as a deposit. No international driver's license is required.
You can rent a car in Panama City for a few days and return it to David or Boquete or Bocas del Toro.

15 Ports in Panama:

You can rent all kinds of sailing boats and yachts at different locations in Panama City, and in San Blas, Bocas del Toro and many other places.

Example multi-day trips

From the capital Panama City to Isla Grande in a four-day trip. A varied 4 day tour through East Panama with a rental car, through the interior and along the fishing villages and beaches of the Caribbean coast of Panama. The tour is a nice mix of highlights to unspoilt nature parks, history and culture. The Caribbean coast at Portobelo / Puerto Lindo and Isla Grande.

print Print tabel

Example 1

A 4 day trip.
Day 1: Portobelo, Day 2: Puerto Lindo, Day 3: Isla Grande, Day 4: Panama City
Click for Maps
DagDepart fromArrivalNumber Km HotelAmount of nights
Day 1Panama CityPortobelo96 KmCasa Congo 1
Day 2PortobeloPuerto Lindo15,4 KmPanama Reef Hotel1
Day 3Puerto LindoIsla Grande6,8 KmEl Nido del Postre1
Day 4Isla GrandePanama City119 KmYour own hotel!-

Make a 10 day trip

Example 2

From the city of Panam á you can also make a wonderful journey by train to the Colón!, and then you can rent a car there if you want. We recommend a stay at the Hotel Melia, the former School of the Americas, where military Latinoamerica were trained here. Visit the extensive channel and the Gatun Locks, Fuerte San Lorenzo, Isla Grande, El Porvenir, Portobelo.
Click for Maps
Google maps.jpg
DagDepart fromArrivalNumber Km HotelAmount of nights
Day 1Panama CityGamboa36 KmGamboa resort 3
With a trip to: the exotic rainforest, Lake Gat ú n, kayaking, fishing or evening safari
Day 4GamboaColon67,2 kmHotel Melia2
With a trip to: the new locks, Fuerte San Lorenzo
Day 8ColonPortobelo53,2 kmCasa Congo2
Portobelo, national park
Day 9PortobeloIsla Grande22 KmEl Nido del Postre2
A pleasant walk along the south coast and bathing or Playa La Punta.
Day 10Isla GrandePanama city119 KmYour own hotel!-

Example 3

You start a trip or trip from the capital Panama City from your Hotel to Bocas del Toro in 10 days. A varied 10 day Panama tour with rental car through the interior and along the southwest coast of Panama. The tour is a nice mix of highlights to unspoilt nature parks, history and culture. The El Valle de Anton volcano valley, the jungle beach area with culture in Pedasi. After a stay at the Gulf of Chiriqui / Boca Chica and in the hills of Boquete, the route returns to the Pacific coast where you will visit Boca Chica and Playa Blanka and the journey ends in Panama City.
Click for Maps
DayDepart fromArrivalNumber Km HotelAmount of nights
Day 1Panama CityBoquete484 KmBoquete Garden Inn & Spa4
With trip to: Cerro Punita, Volcano Baru, Ciriqiu.
Day 5BoqueteBocas Del Toro202 kmHotel Olas 4
With trip to: Isla Carenero, Isla Solarte, Isla Cristobal.
Day 9Bocas Del ToroSantiago378 KmHotel Mykonos1
Day 10SantiagoPanama City251 KmYour own hotel!-

Example 4

The journey begins to Playa Coronado and takes approximately 1 hour and from Panama City to Pedasi is approximately 4 hours away. Coronado is a tropical paradise ideal for relaxing, reading, golfing, swimming and walking along the beach. In the area of Coronado you can go to the Anton Valley 45 minutes from Coronado, La Lagura and various waterfalls in Chame. After this rich break the trip to Pedasi, in the province of Los Santos, a place known for its houses preserved in the same state of many years ago, surfing beaches, agency where fishing continues. You can visit Iguana Island, Playa Venao, La Playita Resort.
Click for Maps
DayDepart fromArrivalNumber Km HotelAmount of nights
Day 1Panama CityCoronado85 KmCoronado Bay appartments4
With trip to: El Valle de Anton, La Laguana, Waterfalls, Relax.
Day 4CoronadoPedasi249 kmPedasito Boutique Hotel5
With trip to: Isla Iguana, Playa Venao, diving, surfing, Chitre Finca (Rum Abuelo) -Hicienda San Isidro / Varela Hermanus.
Day 10PedasiPanama City325 KmYour own hotel!-

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